Student Reading Curriculum

The A∴A∴ is an organization whose heads have obtained by personal experience to the summit of Scientific Illuminism. They have founded a system by which every one can equally attain, and that with an ease and speed which was previously impossible.

The first grade in Their system is that of


A Student must study the following books:

  1. The Equinox, Volume I, Nos. 1-10 by Aleister Crowley and others
  2. 777 by Aleister Crowley
  3. Konx Om Pax by Aleister Crowley
  4. Collected Works of Aleister Crowley: Tannhäuser, The Sword of Song, Time, Eleusis
  5. Raja Yoga by Swami Vivekananda
  6. The Siva Samhita or the Hathayoga Pradipika
  7. The Tao Teh King and the writings of Kwang Tze: Sacred Books of the East XXXIX, XL
  8. The Spiritual Guide by Miguel de Molinos
  9. Dogme et rituel de la haute magie by Éliphas Lévi, or its translation by A. E. Waite
  10. The Goetia of the Lemegeton of Solomon the King ed. by Aleister Crowley
  11. The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage trans. by S.L. Mathers
  12. The Book of Lies by Aleister Crowley

Study of these books will give a thorough grounding in the intellectual side of Their system.

Student Task and Oath

Those who apply should be at least 18 years of age. After a minimum of three months, the Student may request an Exam. If his knowledge is found satisfactory, he may become a Probationer, receiving Liber LXI and the secret holy book, Liber LXV. The principal point of this grade is that the Probationer has a master appointed, whose experience can guide him in his work.

He may select any practices that he prefers, but in any case must keep an exact record, so that he may discover the relation of cause and effect in his working, and so that the A∴A∴ may judge of his progress, and direct his further studies.

After a year of probation he may be admitted a Neophyte of A∴A∴, and receive the secret holy book Liber VII.